Saturday, August 29, 2009

what a lovely name

have a blessed lords day dear pilgrim terry


Amrita said...

Great song to hear on a Sunday evening.

I love quartets. Grew up listening to this kind of music on Christian missionary radio.

Thank you Terry

Julie (Little Missionary) said...

Blessings to all the Pilgrims today!


hebrews 11:1 said...

HI Pals,

I went to go sign in to post on Pals...and i guess it has been so long i have forgotten the login info because it rejected the password as I remember it! So, some Pal, pls post this for me!!

I am ashamed to say I have not been on Pals for at least a month. I have been terrible busy, too busy for blogs, but not too busy for prayer, and I do think of y'all frequently.

Last week my sister and I started working at our new job...teaching at a small, private Christian school. Our first day of school is Tuesday, but classed begin Wednesday. Last week we just worked on classroom set up, organizing stuff, etc.

I am a little stressed out (actually more than a little, VERY stressed out) because I have to teach Seconday 3 & Seconday 4 Science classes....without a textbook!! I also have to teach ERC (the ever-controversial ethics and religion course), and Journals, and the other subjects the students do online and so my job is much easier in those areas. I could use a lot of prayer, if I may ask for it, as well as for my sister, who is also a little stressed...and while I am at it, my close friend will also be teaching there for the first time and she is also, yes you guessed it, stressed!! We ARE, however, looking forward to working together, and are carpooling three days a week, so there is that time together to look forward to as well.

On the plus side, there is soo much to write about...tomorrow it will be a year since we started attending the church we currently go to, and so much has happened in that year. God is so faithful! Last year I had the honor and priviledge of leading my youth worship team as we did the praise and worship for our church...what a blessing! They did so well, and I am so proud of every one of them! I have pics, if any of the Pals want to see them, pls email me!

Another exciting thing to report is that I was told last week that in my journals class I will be teaching and encouraging my students to as a good example, yes, I have finally opened a blog...a private blog. You who have any of my email addresses (since I do have a few) please email me and I will invite you to read it. I have a new email addy that is right on my new blackberry so its easier for me to respond to...if you know how to spell it, its my first and middle name together But I do check my other addys as well, so I will get your emails either way.

God bless each one of you, keep up the faith, and hope to hear from you soon!

Love and Prayers,

hebrews 11:1 said...


I meant to say last week, not last year, i led the youth worship team...