Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pilgrim Pals We Are Blessed!

have a blessed lords day dear terry


Pilot Mom said...

Just dropping by to say, "HELLO" to all the PALS! May your day be filled with His blessings from above! And, David, I continue to pray daily for you!! :)

Love you all!

Pilot Mom

Terry said...

hi pilot mom..i heard your sweet voice in here a week or so ago and i never even came to say hi!
so ..hello and how are you doing?
i really do miss the good times we all had here would be so nice to see everyone again!
i should go to face book and call "all the children in"!
take care pilot mom and have a blessed lords terry

donna said...
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Pilot Mom said...

Please Post:

I have a prayer request for ya'll to be praying. Last week I awoke with a headache and double vision in one eye, my right eye. I managed to dink around for a couple of days thinking it was connected to ear and sinuses.

After talking with my sister (who is so much wiser than I) on Saturday Jim and I decided I needed to go visit the ER at our hospital. Wow!! What service! There was absolutely no waiting! I didn't even get to finish giving my history and stuff before I was in a room! After ruling out "stroke", muscle problems etc. it was determined it is something directly related to the eye.

I am leaving shortly to go see my opthamologist who will be able to give me a diagnosis. After researching (never, ever do this) on line regarding double vision in one eye I became a little nervouse to say the least.

Anyway, all that just to say I need prayer, that my nerves will be calm, the doctor has wisdom, and anything else God lays on your heart. Thanks ever so much, precious PALS!!!


p.s. For those who have been praying for Pilot, he arrived stateside Saturday morning. What a great way to be awakened! AND, he will be here on the 16th! He's coming for a wedding and for Father's Day! :) Color me HAPPY!

Pilot Mom said...

Prayer update: I know nothing knew because eye doc wants to have an MRI and a MRA done Thurs night. He is not ruling out another stroke or other vascular conditions until after that testing is completed. So, still dbl vision with no known cause.

Yet I know God is on His throne and in complete control of everything, including my life!

Pilot Mom said...

The latest news is the diagnosis of nerve palsy of the right eye. It is very similar to Bell's palsy of the face. The nerves and one of the 3 muscles in the eye are not working in sync with my left eye. Should clear up in several months. In the meantime, the doctor ordered a prism which they will press on my left lens in my glasses. Hopefully, this should help with the double vision. Maybe I'll be able to resume driving. They did rule out stroke from the MRI and MRA tests. So that is a Praise!!

Thanks for praying! Please, continue for FULL complete healing.

In other news we are having a wonderful time with James home by himself. We are missing Sarah but this is special one-on-one time. A father's day to remember! :)

Terry said...

dear pilot-mom,
thanks for the update, and praying that this soon will behind you too.
so much you have been going through!
you are very precious to us!.
wishing pilot-dad a very nice fathers day with his dear terry

Pilot Mom said...

This afternoon (Tues) I had the prism put on the left lens of my glasses. It took away my double vision!! It is only a temporary fix so I hope my eyes return to normal FAST! :) Continue to pray for full, 100% recovery, please!

We had a wonderful visit with Pilot. There was an unfortunate incidence with one of our borders, and the police had to be called. I was thankful that Pilot was there to help his dad. I don't know what we would have done without him!

Thanks for all the prayers!

Love to ALL the PALS!!