Thursday, July 1, 2010


Terry, do you recognize these two men conversing in their study?


Felisol said...

I cheated, but I was half right.
The man to the top/right is my dear Pilgrim Father David Fisher.
The elder man down to the left, is unknown to me, but still I'm sure his name is Harold Paisley.
I've never seen him before,nor have I hear his name. I just know.
I have to take dear Pilgrim Father's word. i double clicked the photos.
I'd sure like to know more about Harold Paisley, he's looking so friendly and wise.
Our dear Father David is a good and lovable man, that we all know.

Pilgrim Pals said...

Felisol, you should ask our dear Terry who Harold Paisley is. She has entertained him in their home...I believe.

Our son Nathan took the picture of me today because I wanted to change my profile picture.

jel said...

How are ya doing Big Fish?

Felisol said...

Well, Pilgrim Father,
you are looking great!
To be honest, I thought it was an old picture.
If you will not tell about Harold Paisley, we'll have to wait for a week or so, when Terry returns from her Manitoban roots tour.
Hope you are doing well, Father David in your library and Jel on your wedding day.

Terry said...

oh david..i recognise the big fish, and i recognise mr. paisley!
he is such a good preacher.
one time when he was in welland and bernie and i had him over for lunch, he asked me to make just a bowl of fruit. with cream poured into it and just a cup of tea and so this is exactly what i did.
he thanked me and said. "you have done as you were told dear sister".
what could be better thanks than THAT david fisher?
thanks for putting this picture in dear pilgrim!

felisol, did you know that mr. harold paisley has a brother in ireland whose name is ian paisley.
he is a real good preacher too but he is heavily involved in politics over there.

i like the job that nathan did taking this picture...maybe i will swipe it for your birthday, eh?
love terry

felisol i am here until thursday!

Felisol said...

Well, I had to look up Ian Paisley and refresh my vague memories of the man.
Once he stood for harsh hatred against fellow Catholic Christians.
I find that hard to accept.
as a child I asked my Dad, the wisest man on earth, if only people belonging to the Pentecost Church came to heaven.(The church my dad attended.)I never forget the short lesson he gave me, so intense and earnest. "You must never believe there is only one right church. Jesus said, In my Father's house are many rooms. It's not for us to judge. We have to find our way to Jesus through the Bible."

Nevertheless Mr. Paisley helped form some kind of peace with Sinn Fein, even in the Parliament, and that's a good thing.
He's received a knighthood, and tomorrow, Monday July fifth 2010, he will enter the House of Lords

I never stoop being amazed by how my horizon gradually is broadened by my fellow bloggers.

Have a blessed Lord's day, everyone.