Friday, January 16, 2009


Hello Everyone!
This is my very first post on this blog!
I'm a Christian, and my #1 desire is to serve and honer him!
I'm a Nazarene and my dad is a Nazarene evangelist and goes and preaches around the U.S.A.
I also have another blog, Powerplay 4 Him, you can all check that one out as well! You will be able to read my profile to read more about me, and you all can be sure to LEAVE A COMMENT!
I can't wait to post, and I love knowing that if there is anything I need to request prayer for I know I can post and ask all of you!
Thank you,
God Bless !!!!
I will start right out by asking for some prayer for my grandparents, my G'ma hasn't been feeling well lately.
I added a link to my other blog on the sidebar!
It' s,


Felisol said...

Hi, Nikki,
You are so far the youngest member of Pilgrim Pals. How nice meeting you!
I sure will pray for your grandmother right now, and hope everything turns out well.
From Felisol


Hi Nikki and handshake and a hug from India.Welcome to the family.

You can visit my blog

I 'd love to get to know you.

Love, Amrita

Terry said...

Hi Nikki.
For sure and you are the youngest Pilgrim Pal!...younger than our Little Pilgrim Pal and our Little Montreal Girl.
I will have to make the time to go and see your other blog.
Sometimes it is hard to be all caught up.

We have a friend here in Ontario who was on his death bed and when we went to visit him ,we left him a gospel tract.
He did survive and eventually moved to Florida, where he met a nice unsaved girl and got married. They started to go to the Church of the Nazarene and were both gloriously saved. What a miracle and what a working of God!
Welcome to the Pals and about your gramma and grampa, you can click on at the side bar, "By His Stripes" and it will take you to Donna's prayer blog, where you can request prayer.
Then even more Christians yet will be praying for them
See you again,...Love Terry

PS In the meantime, we will be praying!

Vicki said...

Nice to see your post here, Nikki. Welcome sweet friend. We'll be praying for your grandparents - your grandmother in particular. Let us know how she is doing.

Little Montreal Girl said...

Nice to meet you Nikki! Yey I'm not the younges Pal anymore! I look forwar to geting to know you better.

Little Montreal Girl

PS. Check out my profile we have a lot of things in common!