Saturday, January 17, 2009

Please pray for my family

Sister Anju and BIL Prem
Mahima and Ash


Dear Fellow Pilgrims ,I am sending this prayer request on behalf of my sister Anju and BIL Matthew Premkumar. The company he worked for in NB has closed down.Prem is looking for a job and it means they have to sell their house and re-locate. My niece Mahima would be graduating from High School next year. She will take it very badly when she hears she may have to leave her School. This is a tender period of her life and she is a part of a group of 9 very close girlfriends. They call them the nine sisters.Her parents have not broken this news to her yet.And for this reason I am not posting this on my blog, as she reads it. Prem, Anju, Mahima and son Ash (college) are very strong and committed Christians. Please pray for peace and comfort and God 's direction in their lives.For God to open new doors for Prem and Anju.And please pray specially for Mahima - that God may prepare her heart to receive this news which will cause dismay and disappointment. We all have been very upset and troubled by this news, but God is comforting us. Thank you for your prayers.
Posted by AMRITA


Terry said...

Praying real hard for Prem and his family Amrita..Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I am praying too.
"Before you cry He shall answer," was the word I got.
From Felisol

Terry said...

Wow Felisol!...Love Terry

Amrita said...

Thank you so much Felisol and Terry, I will pass on your encouragement and prayers to Anju and Prem

Vicki said...

Just now getting here but have been praying since receiving the email. Thanking God for the faith they have in the Lord, and praying continually for their peace, comfort, and God's direction. And yes, for dear Mahima, we pray her heart is able to receive the news with His grace.

I am so sorry your sister's family has to face this, Amrita. Keep us posted. May the Lord pour out His grace in amazing measure.