Monday, May 4, 2009

Call To Prayer

First of all...thanks for your patience with the Pilgrim! I have been under a huge amount of stress for the past couple of weeks with the moving of my office. Check out my post on Pilgrim Scribblings. Please pray for me now as I have stuff in three different places and no place to really call "home" as far as an office is concerned. We don't have room in our home for an office so I'm going to going "from pillar to post" as they say. Anyhow, please pray for me during this difficult time. We also need a financial miracle but that's nothing new. God is faithful and He will provide! thrills me to see Pilgrim Pals continuing to be a strong and effective force for the Lord. Thanks to all who faithfully pray and for those who ask others to pray for their needs. God birthed this ministry and it has continued in spite of my busyness and failure to regularly post to it. You have been so faithful in carrying on. THANK YOU!

Now we need to call everyone to prayer for Amrita's mother Hazel. She needs a healing touch from the Lord. Amrita is going through a lot of stress and anxiety right now as she awaits a date for her mother's surgery. Let's lift up her weary arms and uphold her during this time. That's what the Lord has called us to do!

"Father, we commend Amrita, her mother, her adopted sister and her entire family to You right now. Minister to them according to their needs and according to your bountiful supply. You are gracious and merciful and we entrust these dear friends to You. Do a special work in their hearts for Your eternal glory, we pray. We offer this prayer with thanksgiving in Jesus' strong and mighty name. AMEN!"


Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrim David,
I'll remember you in prayer.
Do you think you could ease a bit down?
I'm getting exhausted just by reading about all this activities.
Wishing you the very best
From felisol

Terry said...

dear david...just what we need...david the pilgrim leading prayer with the pilgrim pals for amrita's mama.
we will all be praying for her and for you and carol as well.
it would be better if you put a prayer request in here every so often and we will know!!!
love terry

Vicki said...

Praying for you, David. Glad to see your post - you are loved & always missed. May our Father who owns everything, pour out His blessings on you and Carol as you trust in His provision. Thanking the Lord for your faith and testimony tonight.

Amrita, we pray for your dear mama Hazel with affection, as if she were our own mother, asking the Lord to intervene in ways you'll recognize. May His life touch you both,uphold you, minister to you, strengthen you, and all your family. We pray for these critical needs you've shared with us. We love you and lift your family's needs up tonight to our blessed Jehovah Jireh, our Provider, and Jehovah Rapha, our Lord who heals. Like David said, He is strong and He is able - blessed be His Holy name!

love & hugs,

Amrita said...

Thank you Pilgrim friends for your prayers and good wishes.

We saw the surgeon and he was very reassuring. Tomorrow we go for all the required tests.

Its actually a spiritual battle we are fighting here against the enemy of our souls.

A heavy oppresive spirit descends, I can 't explain it. We have to rebuke and bind it in the name of Jesus.

We are surrounded by establishments which owe their allegiance to the devil.

The Lord delivered me from the dark spirit but please continue to pray for mother. She is better.

This is the Lord 's battle.

Vicki said...

Well, Amrita, we come against that spirit of oppression in the name & power of Jesus Christ our Lord. May He cast off the burden of heaviness as you rest in Him becuase underneath are the Everlasting Arms. Praying continually also for your mother, that she would seek her solace in Him. We thank you, Lord, for Amrita's report today, and we praise you also that no weapon formed against Amrita or her mother Hazel will prosper because are they are blood-bought and belong to You! Holy Spirit, take our groans and feeble words and intercede as You always do, and strengthen the hearts of your saints. In Jesus' holy name we pray - and all the Pilgrims say AMEN and AMEN.

jel said...

i'm there