Wednesday, July 1, 2009

True North, Strong and Free

God Bless our country and keep us in thy loving care.

Julie - LM


Terry said...

oh...i was just hoping that someone would post some mounties little missionary julie!
what a symbol of canada they are and what a brave bunch of guys and gals!
i am so glad that in canada we are free to worship the lord and to spread the gospel.
the days are dark and they are short and so we must be at it, eh?
little missionary, are there a lot of spanish people in ottawa?
we have a fair share of them here and it seems that they are just thirsting for the gospel, and oh, they make such good christians!

thanks for posting this, little one and as you can see you are well loved and i am just glad that we got the chance to tell you!
love terry

Little Montreal Girl said...

Happy Canada Day everyone!!!!

Yes we thank God that we are free here in this great land to worship Him as we please.

God Bless Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!