Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pilgrim Pals

~I’d Rather Have Jesus

Forty years ago Bev Shea was attending the Bible School in Ottawa (Ontario) where I was teaching. He loved to sing. After more training in New York City he was given an audition at one of the radio stations and was offered a contract.

He asked that he might sing Gospel songs. He was told that he might use one occasionally, but he would have to use the songs on the Hit Parade.

What would he do? His mother was praying.

On Saturday night she placed a poem on the piano. In the morning he composed a tune for it. One verse was: “I’d rather have Jesus than silver and gold: I’d rather have Jesus than worldwide fame; I’d rather be true to His holy Name!”

Bev turned down the contract.

A short time later he was offered a position with a Chicago radio station where he might use the Gospel songs he loved. While there he met Billy Graham.

The rest of the story is well-known.

—R. Barclay Warren

~I’d Rather Have Jesus

When King George VI and the queen visited Washington, DC, a state dinner was given in their honor. Chief Whitefeather, an Indian, began the program by singing the British anthem. After the applause the chief sang, to the surprise of those present, the hymn whose opening words are, I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold!

Later in the evening, the chief sat near the king and queen. Tactfully he asked the queen, Do you believe on Jesus? The queen replied graciously, He is the Possessor of my heart, and of my husband’s also! The king, smiling, added, I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold!

when i was a child living in my beloved manitoba, my hero was george beverly shea, who we would hear whenever there was a billy graham crusade on tv.
this song in particular i loved.
i just wonder if i will keep as faithful to the lord as geroge beverly shea did and still does.
here he is just a young man singing this song.

and here he is at one hundred years old singing for the same lord.
and my, can't you just see the light on his face that is coming straight from his heart?
i pray that all of the pilgrim pals will be encouraged and that they will all be living for jesus and continue to be praying, affirming, loving and serving!
i will surely be trying terry


Felisol said...

How great He Still is.
A wonderful Savior served by a gifted singer.
I often wonder where would I be, if I hadn't met you Terry.
George Beverly Shea was one of my father's heroes.
I haven't heard his voice for years now, but the songs and the texts were shared in our home, by a dad who loved sharing.
Now I do not know many to whom these songs are that important.
I will send the YouTube links to my brother, though.
I now they'll mean a lot to him as well.
May you all have a blessed 3rd Sunday in advent.
From Felisol

Terry said...

yes , geogre beverly shes is still my hero felisol. i have been waiting for so long for you tube to have hymns by mr. shea.
my two favourites by him is "the wonder of it all" and "tenderly he watches over you". i am now waiting the day that they put the latter one on you tube.
when i was in high school and we children had to pretend from the front of the class to introduce our hero. of course i picked george beverly shea, "i would like to introduce to you my hero and america's beloved hymn gospel singer, mr george beverly shea".
the teacher laughed and the kids laughed but what did i care, eh felisol.?
i have about thirty records from him.
when bernie and i moved to smaller place and i had to get rid of hundreds of records, the only records i kept were my southern gospel records, my children singing records, my zamfir records and of course all of my george beverly shea!
it was very difficult to give my others away but it was impossible for me to give away the others!
george beverly shea was born in winchester, ontario, canada and one of my life's biggest regrets is that one time he was singing in niagara falls and it was on a weekend that betty and i were heading to north carolina for a three day southern gospel concert.
oh alas! but at least i can watch him live on you tube and on my bill gaither video tapes..

Tenderly He Watches

Tenderly He watches over you
Every step, every mile of the way;
Like a mother watching over her baby,
He is near you every hour of the day.

When you're weak, when you're strong,
When you're right, when you're wrong,
In your joy and your pain,
When you lose and when you gain.
Tenderly He watches over you
Every step, ever mile of the way.

Long before time began
You were part of His plan;
Let no fear cloud your brow,
He will not forsake you now.
Tenderly He watches over you
Every step, every mile of the way.

thanks for your nice comment terry

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Have you always been light and salt to the earth?
I would never had the courage you had in high school.
From Felisol

Vicki said...

Hey Terry & Felisol! Just stopping by to check on my Pals & say hello.