Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Treasures Unseen

Dear Pals:

Thank you so much for your prayers as I go through this dark valley of depression and despair. In the midst of the turmoil I sense God's touch and His everlasting arms upholding me.

The following post appears on my Pilgrim Scribblings blog and I thought my Pals would benefit from hearing this incredible song.

Be blessed, Pals.

David, the Pilgrim

Here's the post:

Recently our son
Matthew and I attended a Greater Vision concert in Pickering, Ontario. The tight harmonies and godly living of this Southern Gospel trio have endeared themselves to many Christians.

That night Greater Vision sang a song that I hadn't heard before and it really ministered to my tired and hurting spirit. The song entitled Treasures Unseen speaks of those hidden, eternal treasures that the children of God possess even when the riches of this world have evaded them.

Click here to enjoy Greater Vision's rendition of this great song. Gerald Wolfe is playing the keyboard, Rodney Griffin is playing the bass guitar and their great, new tenor Jacob Kitson does a marvelous job hitting the high notes.

Enjoy and let the Spirit of God minister to you.


Felisol said...

Isn't it wonderful how music can soothe the soul?
In fact, moving to music or clapping hands also make me uplifted.
I was in church this Sunday on some kind of Christmas concert. I could hardly sit still. I came home, enhanced in spirit and mind.
From Felisol

Terry said...

dear david..this song is so wonderful...i hope that you don't mind that i put it in her again so that we can stay right at the pilgrim pals as we are enjoying it!
i love greater vision...they are my favourite group and gerald is still praying for dad golden.
dad golden has their autographed picture right close to him in his tv room.
and on that photo, gerald has written..."cecil, god bless".. gerald wolfe.
thanks for putting in this song..love terry