Sunday, June 6, 2010


Sorry I've been out of commission for a few weeks - my computer crashed and I finally got a new one - praise and thanks to God for my brother who helped me shop around and get set up.....I'm fairly technically challenged :)

Anyway, here's my little update:

I took a new job, in a new department - still with the same corporation (don't want to give details....most Pals know) - it's much busier, which I like. I feel more productive and using my time faithfully. The job is temporary for 1 year and then I will have to go back to the other job where there is barely anything to do....but I am sure God will work that all out next year.

I feel I've been on a path of's been a very difficult path but necessary. As I look over the last 4 years I see where I wasn't being faithful or trusting in God's good plan for me...mixing with folks I shouldn't have mixed with. Going off the WAY only leads to increased suffering. Although some suffering is good for the Christian; there is redemption in suffering after all - our ultimate redemption is found in Christ's suffering. Suffering can lead to a much deeper, meaningful relationship with God. It can lead to maturity and wisdom ...if we allow it to take us there and not become resentful towards God. I think I've often been resentful and self-righteous in my attitude. We have an Enemy who loves to encourage us in our suffering times towards resentment. I pray for all Christians to not give the devil a foothold in times of trial, but to have the Grace of God to remain and persevere. God bless you all.
Little Missionary


Felisol said...

Dear Julie LBM,
I'm happy for you and your job. You must be clever to be able to go between jobs in times like this.
I'm impressed.
You are great.
It is true that God never leaves us or let us down.
I'm not sure you should blame yourself either.
One thing is doing things willfully wrong, another is doing ones best, but ending up wrong.
I have followed you through the years and have witnessed your struggles.
I have never chosen the easy way.
God bless you, now and always.

Terry said...

so nice to hear you in here little missionary, julie.
i was thinking about you this week,
wednesday which is usually prayer meeting night, there was instead a ministry meeting and guess what little missionary? the two men were speaking in tongues!
ha!! one man who was a missionary from mexico preached in spanish and the other man who understood, well he interpreted it translated it into english for us and so therefore everybody understood! and i was thinking of you the whole time.
the missionary showed a slide show and you know what i really loved about it?
the pictures were mostly "people" pictures! i loved it and i can see how you love the spanish people so much!
i am happy to hear about your job and i agree with felisol..
you are one smart cookie to be able to walk right into a new job and know what you are doing and know that you are happy!
we have loved you ever since you breezed into pilgrim pals one day and we certainly HAVE seen your struggles and your success with god's help in overcoming them, and also we will never forget when you came up to bat and prayed for the struggles that some of us were having...
go girl go!!!
love terry

Felisol said...

Dear Julie,
In my comment it says "I have never chosen .."
It was meant to be "You have never chosen the easy way."
So sorry. I'm always in a hurry when writing, and rarely read through the text. What a terrible employee I would have made.