Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lord I Need Thee More Than I Did Yesterday


Felisol said...

Indeed, I do need the Lord more every day.
Thank you for that beautiful song, Terry.
I'm so clumsy at posting all this logging in and out.
Now I have the opportunity to remind you of our dear sister Saija and her Sister maria, who has been seriously ill for more than a year. She has more or less stayed in hospital this year. Last week her foot was amputated, a complicated piece of surgery, which she hardly had strength to survive.
Let's pray for her healing, for ease of pain and that the Lord must hold her closely during these longtime of trials.
Luckily she is saved and her family are putting all their trust in the Lord.
Of course they feel exhausted and tormented nevertheless.
From Felisol

Pilgrim Pals said...

oh , i didn't know this felisol.
this is too sad.
i will certainly pray for marie.
she has really had a hard time.
why do some christians have so many more trials felisol.?
bernie and i hope to see saija when we go out west shortly.
thanks for telling us this terry

i put this same song on sonny's blog. he just found out that his son will be headed for afghanistan soon..what a worry for him.
take care terry