Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bless You, Bionic Woman!

Terry is starring in the reruns of The Bionic Woman now that her heart is pumping normally.


You should be good for 50 more years!


Vicki said...

oh my! LOL!

Terry said...

pilgrim david...did you put this in here.
well maybe in a week i will be a bionic woman but as for now i can just use my right hand to even type...ha though with a stronger heart and my implanted eye lenses, maybe i just might be the bionic terry

Jim said...

At'a Girl, Terry! You ARE a bionic woman right now, these types have to heal too you know.
Keep us posted, I'll keep on checking here.

byhisgracealone said...

this is sooooo funny and sure beats the picture I was going to post of a woman snoring with no teeth!!!! oh still have your teeth right?

where is that darn ole passing thru when I need him !!