Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Resurrection Sunday from LPP!

Hey, all!

I am so sorry I have not been around here! I have felt so far distant...but I have been really busy at home and with work and I do remember all of you in prayer daily!

He is Risen Indeed! What a beautiful Resurrection Sunday it was here in Montreal...the sun was shining...and my sister and I were baptized at our church! It was amazing! We have such amazing supportive friends there who are like family to us...we are just so blessed! I am bursting to tell everyone about my exciting time today, so I thought I'd share this with my dear Pals. My grandparents were there (a first for my grandma and she even said she would be back!), my dad's cousin was there, and so many people hugged my sister and I that I lost count and there were so many strangers that were in church that congratulated me--they all made us feel so special! Which really meant a lot because I was soooo nervous last night I couldn't fall alseep :( LOL! My pastor gave us each a beautiful leather study Bible with our name on it, too! But most importantly, I pray that people there were touched by the six testimonies shared by the Believers being baptized. I shared John 3:1-21 by memory and messed up on one verse and said it a little too fast, but all I could think of was that I was taking too long to say it and there were 4 more waiting to be baptized ;)

We are going south next Sunday for almost two weeks...please pray that we travel safely!

Love and Prayers to all of you,


Vicki said...

LPP, how wonderful to hear from you on Resurrection Day! And to hear this exciting news of your baptism (and your sister's, too!). Praise the Lord! I'm so glad your grandparents and dad's cousin were able to be there to witness this very special occasion. Your post filled my heart with joy! And please consider yourself hugged yet again! :-)

love in Christ,

PS--we'll be praying for safe travels for you and family next week. Have a great time and let us know how it goes!

Terry said...

oh little pigrim pal
i am so happy for you.
i knew that little montreal girl was going to be baptised but i didn't know that you were..
oh what obedience to the lord you have shown...
you know, i am quite sure that i can speak for vicki....she and i would have surely hugged the pair of you real tight and can you just imagine what mrs. butler and felisol would of done..oh the joy of the whole thing and your gramma was your daddy's heart would have overflowed with joy at this happy occasion..
thank you so much for telling terry

Felisol said...

Dear Little Pilgrim Pal,
you are one of God's sunshine wonders on this site.
I share the happiness for you and your sister. The church you belong to has got to diamond class members.
I will pray for your safe travel.
Thank you for not forgetting us in your prayers.
We need each other in times like these.
Never, never must me underestimate the power of prayer and the power of pilgrimly love.
From Felisol

hebrews 11:1 said...

Mrs. Gaines,

Great to hear from you, too! Please drop me a line sometime via e-mail! I will be away from my computer during vacation, but you may be able to catch me this week (although I am working on an article and a movie review this week). Thank you for the hug ;) and the prayers for our trip!

Mrs. Shirkie,
Thank you, too, for the hug :) I actually got a hug from two girls who are sisters, at the same time! They both came over to hug me and the younger one got to me first, and her older sister said, "We'll just give her a group hug!" They are around my age and such sweet sisters!

I had a hard time thinking that my dad would not be there for my baptism...numerous times tears welled up in my eyes as I sat with the others on the front row awaiting the end of the service (at which time we'd be baptized). But I really was thinking a little selfishly, I think, because when the last person was baptized, it was the pastor's brother-in-law. As they hugged afterwards in the water, and we all clapped and cheered, and I saw the joy on the faces of the relatives who watched, I thought of how instrumental the pastor's wife was in leading her brother to the Lord and how she wasn't there to see her husband baptize her I guess I wasn't the only one thinking of a missing loved one that morning!

Mrs. Ljung,
Yes, the church is really amazing! My grandparents have heard us talk about our friends there, but actually sitting down to a pancake breakfast they serve on Resurrection Sunday and hanging out with us and our friends before and after service, as well as seeing all the love and support my sister and I got, really touched my grandparents and made them see how genuine our church is. They love our pastor especially and shared with my mom how touching it was when he stopped to talk with them for a bit. I have to say, the church is certainly not perfect, and I had mixed feelings when I unwrapped the most beautiful Bible I've ever seen but noticed it was in a translation I really don't like to use (which happens to be the one used at church)! But of course, the beauty of my name engraved in the leather bound Bible and the thought put into what was written inside outweighed the fact I will not use it as much as I will my dad's first Bible (a Gideon's Bible from the 1980's!), which I have called my own since I was 6! Anyways...

Thank you for your prayers for our travel, as well! We just found out this morning that we will be passing close to my cousin in Alabama, and just the thought that we might be able to meet up with him (and meet his wife!) is so cheering!

Lots of love and many prayers to all my dear Pals...


Amrita said...

God bless you LPP

hebrews 11:1 said...


God bless you, too!