Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary Donna and Ron

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Wishing you a very Happy 26th Anniversary
I stole your lovely photos from your Facebook account.
Love from all your Pilgrim Pals.
Miss Terry told me about this event.
She is thinking of all of us even while recuperating
Posted by Amrita


byhisgracealone said...

thank you amrita...this is very kind of you.

i hope Terry knows I was just joking about the snoring lady with no teeth...I was just trying to make her laugh...

thanks to both of you for your sweet posts...

Terry said...

oh you did it amrita.
just in the nick of time.,
it is still april 2 here and still sweet donna's anniversary...THANK YOU!!!


ps donna, this old girl still has all her teeth except for two wisdom teeth that never grew in fully..
ha for sure and ,a whole mouth of teeth and a head full of white hair.
not a pretty sight.

Vicki said...

Donna, I hope you and Ron had a nice anniversary!

Amrita said...

Have a great celebration