Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sent by God....not man

Blessings to all the Pilgrim Pals! This picture is of a bush in my little back yard patio, which I was admiring yesterday and thanking the Lord for His creation.

As I sat on my patio thinking about the possibility of going on a longer term mission trip, way off in the future, I thought about who would send me (commission me) - my church, pastor, friends? The last time I went on mission for the 7th time, it was the first time I had a low response to raising funds - about 60% came in. The past 6 trips we 100% funded by friends, church...even some family. Something had changed and perhaps God was trying to show me something....was I depending too much on others to "send" me? If they weren't as supportive for a week long trip last November, would they support me for a month, two months....a year!?

I then turned my thoughts back to the Bible and thought, "I haven't read from Galatians in a long time." So I opened scripture up to the beginning of Galatians....and I got no further then Chapter 1 vs 1. "Paul, an apostle - sent NOT (emphasis mine) from men, nor by man, but by Jesus Christ and God the Father....." My focus had become primarily on people sending me.

Only God sends us - He gives us "marching orders" - others can support us by coming along side in practical ways.

Little missionary

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Terry said...

dear little missionary julie,
this is such a great verse that the lord gave to you.
it really seems like he is calling you to go on another missionary trip.
dearest julie..please keep us informed about this all right.
athough most of us could help in only a small way, it is the small ways that will add please let me terry