Thursday, June 25, 2009

This Could Be the Dawning of That Day

Tonight I listened to David Phelp's rendition of this old song penned by Bill Gaither. As I heard the lyrics of the 2nd verse I thought how timely they are for all the Pilgrim Pals.

Click here to view this YouTube video and check out the lyrics for the 2nd verse and chorus below.

Journey on, fellow pilgrims, we're getting closer to home.

Here's the 2nd verse:

All the saints are getting restless,

They're not bound by shackles forged of earthly gold,

Since that day they knelt at Calvary,

They've been pilgrims ever wandering,

Just looking for a place to rest their souls.


This could be the dawning,

Of that grand and glorious day,

When the face of Jesus we behold,

Dream and hopes of all the ages

Are awaiting His returning,

And this could be the dawning of that day

- David, the pilgrim

Note: As a matter of interest, this is post # 1919 since the Pilgrim Pals site was launched. Keep writing, Pals!


Terry said...

i love that song pilgrim!
love terry

Anonymous said...

Hi all, thanx a lot for this article .... This ws what I was looking for.