Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Praying Circle

Dear Pals,
Terry saw this video of prayer time in my house and suggested that I post it here on Pilgrim Pals.

Through prayer we unleash the divine power of God to demolish the strongholds of Satan. We come against the darkness of oppression,injustice and spiritual bondage. Here are four Satan ' s strongholds we can demolish through prayer.

1. POLITICAL STRONGHOLDS: Satanic inspired laws. Pray for ungodly leaders to repent or be removed from influence (Prov21;1, 1Tim 2;1-4)
Pray for God honoring leaders to be placed in power and for righteous decisions to be made that will exalt the nation (Prov 14;34)

2 CULTURAL STRONGHOLDS Satan inspired traditions. Pray for people to be free from the aspects of their worldview that are harmful and unscriptural. (1Cor 1: 20-33)

3 RELIGIOUS STRONGHOLDS Satanic inspired beliefs. Pray for people to see the emptiness of religion and seek the abundant life to be found in Christ. (Acts 17: 22-31 , John 10:10)

4 SPIRITUAL STRONGHOLDS Satanic inspired worship. Pray for people to see the foolishness of serving the created instead of the Creator. (Isa 44:9-20, Matt 4: 8-10)

Posted by Amrita


passing-thru said...

Good Stuff Amrita --- early church power --

Home churches, prayer meetings -

Blessings to U as U "prevail" in an anti-Christ environment --

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita, Pilgrim sister,
I feels so good being a part of that praying circle.
I feel blessed and at home being a part of a holy gathering.
From Felisol

Vicki said...

Yes, Amrita, I just watched and felt right at home with your group praying. God bless you, dear woman of God.