Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Presence Of The Lord Is In Amrita's Home In India

this week i visited amrita's blog and looked at this wonderful post that she had created.
i am leaving the url of it here and for sure it is well worth watching and listening to the video she has put there...a video of her own making!
this will bless your soul! it did mine.
have a blessed lords day terry


Terry said...

may the lord bless you dear indian princess are a handmaid of the lord!
i hope that you don't mind that i put this in here.
it so blessed me this week, if you only knew how terry


I don 't deserve these words Terry. I want to hide myself somewhere.

Yes Terry I posted the video in the next post. Hope its OK.Thank you for putting it here.

Love Amrita

Vicki said...

I enjoyed this singing...reminded me of when we used to sing that very same song in church years ago. Also saw Amrita's video and yes, the presence of the Lord is in that place! PTL!