Sunday, March 22, 2009

God Bless Amrita And Her People In India

Dear Amrita....We are all praying that the dear people in India will turn to the only true Light and that is the Lord!....Love Terry


Felisol said...

Beautiful post, Terry.
I ditto the good wishes for the huge nation India.
From Felisol

Amrita said...

Thank you so much Terry and Felisol. Because of the prayers of saints like you many hearts are turning to Jesus.Chains are being broken.

A young pastor testfied in church this morning that he was sent to a remote church which had many problems. When he arrived ,there was no welcome. He was given a room with just a bed. Poor man for 2 days he just ate boiled potatoes as he did not have any kitchen equipment. But gradually people opened their homes to him and now 5 families are coming. His name is Ujjwal. You can pray for him. he is a very sincere young man.

Terry said...

Dear Amrita..
This is just great!
Just like when Pilot-mom talked to that Mormon lady and the woman was eventually save.
That young pastor is doing work for the Lord and so Jesus will be with him and people in the darkness shall be saved!!!!
Love Terry

Vicki said...

Praying for India tonight...may the Lord's grace and truth reach many people there for His kingdom.

Amrita, thanks for that update. I will especially remember Ujjwal. ♥