Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The following thoughts were posted this morning on Pilgrim Scribblings and The Barnabas Blog. I thought it would be fitting to share them here with our Pilgrim Pals:

Last night I was awake for quite some time...my mind racing as it often does. I picked up an old copy of Springs in the Valley, edited by Mrs. Chas. E. Cowman, and found the following thought:

"Go unto Him at midnight!" Let us go when all other doors are barred and even the heavens seem brass, for the gates of prayer are open evermore; and it is only when the sun is gone down and our pillow is but a stone of the wilderness, that we behold the ladder that reaches unto heaven with our Infinite God above it, and the angels of His Providence ascending and descending for our help and deliverance. He is a friend in extremity. He is able for the hardest occasions. He is seated on His throne for the very purpose of giving help in time of need.

No matter if the case is wholly hopeless, and your situation one where you have nothing, and the hour is dark as midnight, "GO UNTO HIM". Go unto Him at midnight. He loves the hour of extremity. It is His chosen time of Almighty interposition.

There's a budding morrow in midnight
So fold your griefs away,
And wait for the bud to open,
A fragrant and fair new day.

Wait for the bud to open,
Cease to worry and to grope;
There's a budding tomorrow in midnight
It's name is The Dawn of Hope.

So today, my friend, remember - He is a friend in extremity! Run to Him and let Him enfold you in His everlasting arms.
"Go unto Him at midnight." - Luke 11:5 (KJV)


Felisol said...

Thank you for sharing these strong wows.
Gone unto him in extremity.
Wonderful, soothing words from the promised land.
From Felisol

Vicki said...

Very fitting for all of us, David. Thank you for sharing this post. "Wait for the bud to open"...I'm meditating on that even now, trusting my Savior. So many midnights, indeed, I've been awake, praying, knocking on heaven's door...only to experience once again that He is right there with me...not far away at all.

Be blessed, dear Pilgrim Dave. You are dearly loved here.♥