Monday, March 30, 2009

God will take care of you

I dedicate this song to all Pligrim Pals
and specially Terry.
We are thinking of you Terry
and prayng for you.



Terry said...

Dear Amrita, Felisol and Vicki,
I really want to listen to these songs but I am already crying and I saw the titles and I have to drive over to pick up Mom Golden for blood tests and I want to be able to see when I drive so I will have to listen to these and read the comments when I return home about two o'clock...Thank you from the bottom of my heart....Love Terry

Amrita said...

Dear Terry you are having surgery tomorrow and you are driving around.Now please get back and take rest.
Lots of love, Amrita

Amrita said...

This song is making me cry too. I heard it over again , just can 't stop crying.

Terry I have another song on my blog for you...His Eye is On the Sparrow and I know He watches Me.
That makes me cry too.

I put my lilies there for you. and tomorrow being Red Tuesday. I will post red lilies and flowers for you.
Love, Amrita

Terry said...

This song is way too nice Amrita!
Thank you so very much!
Now I will take some rest and I will visit your blog.
In a way taking Mom Golden out proved to be a blessing to me dear Amrita.
I posted over at the "sisterhood of the traveling scarf" what the blessing was.....Love Terry