Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vicki's Prayer

Our beloved Vicki posted the following prayer as a comment this evening. Without asking her permission I have taken the liberty of reproducing it here as a post. It warrants being repeated. Thanks, Vicki, for your love and concern for your fellow Pals. - David

Vicki's prayer:

Lord, we thank you for this group of loving Pals, committed to praying and encouraging one another. What a beautiful thing to experience your Spirit moving within our little community of believers. ♥

Thank you, too, for David. He's been a good shepherd of this Pilgrim flock, yet we're aware of his own need to rest and take a sabbatical now and then. We pray You will refresh his soul during this time. Also, we lift up Carol's needs right now and ask for pain relief - a healing touch, emotional & spiritual comfort, and an extra measure of your precious grace in her recovery. Minister to both their hearts inwardly, dear Lord, as only Your Spirit can do, and remind them of our love for them both.

For our sister, Terry, we thank you for bringing her through this surgery well today - praise you JESUS! Thank you for her faith, her friendship, and her sweet, caring ways. Lord, strengthen her body and spirit, and bring her back to us with a song in her heart for all You've done. ♥

For all the Pilgrim Pals, near and far, for those who comment and for those who can't...we pray for grace upon grace.

Lord Jesus, we love you, not just because of all You've done, but for WHO you are. And even though we love you, it's only because You first loved us and drew us by Your Holy Spirit. Thank you for your lovingkindness. How awesome are Your ways; how deep your love is for each one of us! - we barely comprehend. Thank you for the grace you so abundantly pour out on us daily, for Your protection, and Sovereignty over all our lives. As long as we have breath, we will praise Your name! ♥


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Terry said...

oh...how we all need and love each other david.
you have always been my hero.......love terry