Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hey Where Is Everybody????

Not a Pal in sight!..............Love Terry


Amrita said...

I am here Terry.

Last night I went to the old part of the city to get a more supportive orthopedic cane for my Mom, she doesn 't like mine.

Now In India the old part of the city means something, you have to see it to experience it, I can 't describe it to you. Anyway the surgical stores were on strike, so i hunted for a herbal medicine shop, as she wanted a herbal oil, that i found. All in the midst of preparations of a Hindu street religios carnival and procession. There was a lot of confusion and crowd on the streets.Anyway I got the oil.

The afternoon Mom had a bit of tummy trouble so i rushed out to get her meds.Its subsided now.

Terry said...

Hi Amrita...I am back from taking Mom Golden to see Aunt Marion again. I think it is so important that they see each other at least once a week. Aunt Marion is almost blind now. Mom Golden gave her a nice birthday card which had a really nice poem inside. Aunt Marion asked me to read it to her and it was chuck full of the gospel. Aunt Marion is not saved yet but she is showing a real interest, which is so good.
I hope the medicine works for your mama because it is so important that she eats!
She needs her strength!
Take care and I will talk to you later...Love Terry

ron said...

Hello, HERE ?

I'm way down ^
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ^ here trying to get back up ^ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>^^^

grandpaw ron.

Vicki said...

I'm here, Terry.

Julie (Little Missionary) said...

Checking in!! Thanks for prompting us Terry :) Sometimes we need a little kick start.

jel said...

I'm not here or there

Felisol said...

Dearest Pilgrim Terry,
this post wasn't here when I went to bed last night. How come you have come past Donna in line??
I am happy hearing from you. Also wondered where everybody had gone.
Oh, how good it is that brothers and sisters are walking together
From Felisol

Little Montreal Girl said...

I'm here too!!

I was wondering, WHERE IS PASSING-THRU??????? He always fills up the blog with insightful posts!

Love ya'll!!!


Hi ya all.

Hope Mom Golden 's trip to Aunty Marian was a good one Terry

Love Amrita