Friday, October 24, 2008


I am posting 2 Indian worship videos.

The first one features musician and composer Anil Kant with his wife and daughter . They are singing a Psalm like song.They are Hindu converts.

Come all you people of the earth

Worship the Lord

For He is good

And His faithfulness endures forever.


The second video is from a rural church in Central India (I am guessing from the language on the banners) Churches like these are flourishing all over our land.They have a large open shed like place where believers gather.There is a similar worship community of more than 5000 Christians (mostly from rural areas) on the outskirts of my city.

The music on the second video is by the Yeshua Band from Bombay. They are not performing on stage.

They are singing

Come Lord Jesus Come

Let your glory shine in me.

You can see people of all ages worshipping theLord together.

Posted by Amrita


Julie (Little Missionary) said...

Thanks for posting Amrita! Praise Jesus!


Terry said...

Dear Amrita...Even though I don't understand the language, my heart is welling up in tears. So beautiful. I am going to see if I can send this whole post over to Brian and Carol Montean

Amrita said...

Oh yes Terry pass it on, so that others can be blessed.

The worship is very souldful.

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