Monday, October 13, 2008

Indo-Canadian Thanksgiving

My sister Anjali( Above Mahima, Ashish, Anjali and Prem)
Celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with their Shri Lankan friends in Indian style. Anjali made Tandoori Turkey

Tandoori cooking uses Indian spices to bake fowl. Its really delicious.Wish I was there.
And Anju 's next 2 weekends are busy too
1.Prem is hosting a Saturday morning Men 's Prayer Fellowship with brunch.
2 After that is daughter Mahima 's birthday weekend so 9 of her HS girl friends will be coming over.
How 's that for hands full.
Posted by Amrita


Terry said...

Dear Amrita...I was just about to comment yesterday and then then Betty phoned and I didn't get back.
This is such a nice picture of Prem and his family. They look like they are doing well.
Ha! He probably won't be looking well after that crowd of girls comes over though, eh?
He will be all worn out!
Praying that your Mama is doing well.
I sent your last post over to my friend Carol Montean. Both she and her husband have been praying for the Christians in India and so are the brothers and sisters at the Gospel Hall praying every prayer meeting Wednesday night...Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
what a nice family you have "over there."
And what a friend in Terry.
I bet she is fully occupied organizing those prayer meetings.
"What two or three pray together about, you shall receive.
Me too!
I am also praying for the Christians in India.
From Felisol


Thank you so much both terry and Felisol.

In Christ you are also a part of my family.

My Mom is doing much better.Sometimes when she is upset about something she goes down, then she recovers.I just have to go with the flow.

Thank you for making people aware of our prayer needs.

God bless the Monteans