Thursday, October 16, 2008

How Great is Our God

(Prem leading worship in his church)
I got an email from my BIL Prem saying when his factory

was about to be shut down due to financial crisis,

some of his non-Christian co-workers came to him and said,"Mr Premkumar you pray to your God and if He answers your prayers and our factory does not close we will believe in your God.

Well, the factory was closed for several months and some people lost their jobs too, but they survived the crisis and re-opened

in mid-August.

The folks who had challenged Prem to pray

came to him and said, "Your God has answered your prayer,

please give us directions to your church,

we want to come".


Posted by Amrita


Felisol said...

Dear Amrita, Pilgrimsistr,
Over and over He has proved himself to be just that.
I praise him, that midst in your heavy trials you get to experience His Force and Victory.
From Felisol

Amrita said...

To God be the glory Felisol.

He gives His children manna and mercy drops from heaven.

When we are dry and thirsty He nourishes us with His goodness and answers to prayer.

Love from Amrita

Pilot Mom said...

What a praise, indeed! Our God is always faithful! As well as sufficient for ALL of our needs.

Saija said...

AMEN! what a wonderful testimony!

Amrita said...

Sisters dear please pray for these people who have shown an interest in going to church. May the Lord touch their hearts.

Vicki said...

Praising God from whom all blessings flow...thank you, Amrita. Will be praying that the Lord will continue to touch and move hearts for His glory and their salvation.