Sunday, November 18, 2007


It has cost me if not blood, so at least sweat and tears so enter the Pilgrim Pals to contribute with stuff of my own.
My Teflon slippery brain cannot handle all those codes numbers and whatever it takes. It seems that my machine will not automatically remember the required numbers either.
Gunnar tried to help out while I was preparing Sunday dinner, and when he cannot do it, I 'm giving in.
That is I would have done , were it not for the words that have been tingling in my mind the last week.
Matthew 7:7
Well here I finally am, bringing the good news to all mankind.
Jesus wants us to ask, search and knock on heaven's door. Simple as that; then we will receive, find and pass through the opened door that no one shall close.
When two or three are gathered in his name, he's amongst us. Terry speaks of the cord getting stronger when many threads are twisted together.
I have become so much support and strength here on the PP that I would be very sorry if the site had to be shut down. I use to check in on the pals before going to bed to remember who is in special need of prayer. While scrolling down, I am praying.
Like the rest of you I have so many friends neighbors and relatives that need a special prayer.
It would be nice if one for instance could hold forth three persons or topics every week and ask the fellowship to join in praying for those.
Or will that be to much??
I'll be brave and ask you to remember
1. Mr. S a prayer child, aged 87, been an atheist most of his life and now slowly dying from cancer.
His mother's tears are not forgotten neither by him nor by God. Pray that God may save his soul and if possible that his salvation might be a witness to all his atheist nieces and nephews.
2. One of my dearest cousins (I have thirty of them) is waiting for chemo therapy in December, fighting back on a cancer she has had for 25 years. She has two children needing her presence and hardly time to care for herself.
Pray God the almighty to interfere and help the family out.
3. My uncle, the only remaining of six siblings, he has been a shining light on earth, 30 years in Sunday school and another 30 years burning for the lost alcoholics and their families. Not one unsaved soul laying on death bed without my uncle by his side praying and leading them home.
It's been a couple of years now, since the doctors diagnosed him becoming senile (Not Alzheimer's).
He knows it and it's torturing him tremendously.
Nevertheless he is still being his wonderful self. The first of June he was by my father's deathbed just a few hours before he passed over.
My uncle prayed so forceful and heartfelt that I felt the Heaven might open. It sure was listening.
Now he and my aunt standing truly by his side- (they've been a couple since he was sixteen and she fifteen)- are in need of prayer and some light and comfort in their lives.
Hopefully some will spend a minute help me praying.
Have a blessed God's day from Felisol


Pilot Mom said...

Felisol, you can be assured I/we will be praying for these three requests. What a privilege to go before Him and lay our requests in His lap. He is God Almighty and we can expect great answers from Him!

Terry said...

Yes sir...I will be praying too Felisol.
You know how dear to my heart are elderly folk!

I think it is a good idea for the prayer request list to be made.
Just to think that it will take three people to fill in Passing-thru's shoes, eh?
I know though for sure dear Felisol that everyone is praying but I find myself sometimes forgetting someone.

This post verse reminds me of when I was a kid ant the Sunday School teacher was speaking about it in Sunday School. It suddenly dawned on my young mind...Ask... Seek... and Knock...Perfect!
The fist letter of each word put together spell ASK!
How better can that get?

I think you did a terrific post my Felisol...Love Terry

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, sweetie!

God bless you!

Vicki said...

My heart joins yours in pouring out these needs before Heaven. The Lord is near. He will answer. Felisol, what a good post and precious privilege for us to join you in prayer for these dear souls.

I'm praying.