Saturday, November 3, 2007

Brief Update

Dear Praying Pals:

Here's a brief update on the Pilgrim's Progress:

This week I visited my ear, nose and throat specialist. He informed me that my ear infection has finally cleared up. There is still a considerable amount of congestion in my head so I'm continuing to use flonaze twice a day. I'm also taking some herbal remedies which he has recommended. He is a vibrant Christian so I was pleased that he was in favor of my use of these.

We have had four OPEN HOUSES here in our attempt to see our home and reduce our mortgage. The first weekend we had quite a few visitors who seemed interested but last weekend we only had one interested party in two days. It was very discouraging for Carol because she had worked so hard to get ready for this. Winter is coming and it will become increasingly difficult to sell our home but we serve the God of the impossible so He can either provide money to pay off the mortgage or people to purchase our property. We need to trust Him implicitly. Please pray for us!

This week I received a wonderful card and gift from a special person who will remain anonymous. Thanks so much!

My camera is in the SONY repair shop in Toronto and it will cost about $280.00 to fix it. It should be ready early next week. That seems like a lot of money but it's cheaper than buying a replacement. God will provide!

We had our twice-monthly chapel service/meal with the Peterborough Petes hockey team last Monday. 20 players showed up and we had a great time as I challenged them to "Make a Difference" in their world. I asked them to think back and recall those who made a significant impact on their lives...reminding them that the One who changes lives most dramatically is Jesus Christ Himself.

Last week I received copies of the most recent issue of SPORTS SPECTRUM
magazine. There's a feature article on Mike Fisher of the Ottawa Senators which his uncle David wrote. I was pleased with the end product and so was my editor. Mike has seen the story and is pleased as well. Many Christian bookstores sell SPORTS SPECTRUM so look for it if you get a chance.

Thanks for your prayers, dear friends!

Standing together,

~ David


jel said...

glad to hear your ear is better!

ya can't keep a good man down!

Hi Family!!!

Terry said...

Good to hear again, eh David without it hurting.
Just hope that your ears don't start to itch because then that will mean that I am talking about you!! Ha!!

Don't worry.
Your house will sell. It is such a nice one..

Lauren-Mary said...

Hi there! I read part of the article online, and I'll be sure to hunt down a copy so I can finish it. What I did read was great though! I was at the game tonight with my dad, and I thought of you...Little Fish was on fire! Here's an interesting tidbit for you: in all the years I've been going to Sens games, they've never once lost when I've been in the building, and Mike has scored at least once every game for the past 4 games I've been at. I guess I'm good luck...haha.
Good luck with your house- I agree with Terry, it's beautiful!