Saturday, November 24, 2007

Crowded Bed

I'm here in Saginaw, Michigan on a road trip with the Peterborough Petes. This afternoon we had a chapel service in my room. With only three chairs in the room, we had to improvise. In other words, I had to share my bed with 9 other guys.

We had 18 players, two trainers and myself in the room as I challenged them concerning the lives they are writing each day. The handout was entitled "We're Writing Our Story Each Day Of Our Lives...Write Well."

Last night we were in Windsor and tomorrow (Sunday) we're in Sarnia. Tonight the guys snapped their losing streak with a well-deserved win over Saginaw.


Terry said...

Sounds like a good message David.
When we were kids, all the little girls had autograph books that their friends would write in and this was my all time favourite little poem which I never forgot...

"Your life lies before you
Like a path of new driven snow,
So be careful how you tread it,
'Cause every step will show!"

Take Terry

Saija said...

you look pooped! hard to keep up with those young people ... or it is for me anyway!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Pilgrim! You have me in fits of laughter with those pics! You don't know how much we enjoy your photos of the Petes. Funny, I was just thinking of them Sunday morning when I was praying, and I wondered when the next "Monday we have fish" would be...

Tell those two in the third shot to imagine they just scored, next time you take a pic of them...they must have great smiles that they are hiding

God bless you and your ministry richly!

Go, Petes!