Friday, November 2, 2007

A Letter From Pilot-Mom

Prayer Warriors!

Alas! I have been lax in getting out updates so you who are faithful can continue to pray knowledgeably. There are two things going on right now with Jim. The first is cachexia. This is a very serious condition that needs to be addressed quickly. Jim's body is wasting away due to many factors. He has no desire to eat because 1) he is not hungry 2)everything tastes awful, yet he is burning a tremendous amount of calories while doing nothing. The result is his body begins to eat his muscle mass (much like an anorexic) and there comes a point of no return...where the body cannot repair the damage to itself which will eventually result in death. This condition isn't something that Jim has caused but rather the radiation and even the tumor have caused the cachexia. Statistics show that 20 to 40% of cancer patients actually die from this condition rather than the cancer.

Second, Jim had another PET scan this past Friday. We received a call today telling us that there is "something" showing up but Dr. Avizonis is not sure exactly what it is. And the radiologist who read the scan is saying that there is "something." Dr. A (our radiology oncologist) is wanting to consult with Dr. Hunter (our surgeon oncologist) in person where they are both able to look at the actual pictures and discuss together what they see. One thing is certain, Jim will have another PET scan in 2 or 3 months. They are concerned and will be watching this very closely.

Once the two doctors meet and consult Dr. A will get back with us regarding what they believe it is and what we will do about it. Will you pray that the Lord will give them wisdom? Pray that they will not overlook anything which could be potentially threatening in a few months. My prayer was if there was nothing, then let the scan be clear. If there was the slightest hint of any more cancer, or new cancer, then I prayed that something would show up. May they not dismiss it as 'nothing.'

Since his doctors are recommending complete removal from the work force my hubby is retiring from the PO effective last Friday (Oct. 19) with a disability retirement. I (we) can hardly wrap my mind around the idea of him not returning to the PO.

The first most important issue is to stop the weight loss. That is paramount! Second, we will begin to help him gain weight. Third, we keep him out of large populations of people so he will be somewhat protected from any infections. If he were to get ill now, it would not be good. Third, we address this new finding on the PET scan accurately.

Will you join with us in prayer for the above petitions? Neither one of us understood or even knew about how difficult a recovery would be. Once the cancer is removed one begins to get better, right? Not so. At least not with throat cancer.

We covet your prayers. Thank you for your faithfulness to uphold us before His throne when the Lord causes our names to enter your mind. Thank you also for all the phone calls, emails, and cards from so many of you. Each and everyone of you are precious to us.

Faithfully trusting,


David Warren Fisher said...


Thank you so much for your update concerning Jim.

We will be praying concertedly for your hubby and for the medical specialists who are working with him.

Be assured of our love, friendship and prayer support.

On behalf of the Pals,

David, the ol' pilgrim

Pilot Mom said...

Thanks David. And we continue to lift you and Carol up before His throne regarding both of you and your health issues, along with the sale of your lovely home.

What a privilege to go before our mighty God and lay our requests and our praises before Him.

May He receive honor, and glory for it all!