Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pilgrims Dying?

These are some thoughts that appeared today on David Jeremiah's Turning Point online devotional. The first line reads, "Half the pilgrims dies during their first winter at Plymouth."

That got me thinking! Seems like half (or more than half) of our Pilgrims...our PILGRIM PALS... have fallen by the wayside over the last few months. It wasn't winter that felled them. It may be busyness, sickness, other priorities, discouragement, whatever. It would be unreasonable to think that the postings on PILGRIM PALS would continue at the same level they started out as. We had a good nucleus of friends, pals, who regularly posted. Now I must confess that circumstances have prevented me from writing and posting as much as I wanted to so I'm as guilty as anyone else. There, I said all that to say this..."I miss hearing from everyone. Passing-thru, Lauren Mary, Laura Mae, Lisa J., and others. I MISS YOU!

I pray that you all have a great weekend! Our Little Missionary will be coming home soon. Today, I think! Please pray!

Lots of love,

David, the ol' Pilgrim

Here’s the devotional from David Jeremiah:

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving: the Indians

"Your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him." - Matthew 6:8

Half the Pilgrims died during their first winter at Plymouth. The onset of spring found them wondering if any of them would survive, but that's when a miracle of God's providence occurred. On a Friday in March, as the men gathered for military training, a cry went up: "Indian coming!" Everyone gathered around the young man. Suddenly he boomed in near-perfect English, "Welcome!" His name was Samoset. Shortly thereafter, Samoset introduced the Pilgrims to another Indian, Squanto, who was a godsend for the settlers.

Squanto taught them how to catch eels, plant corn in the Indian way, and survive in the wilderness by stalking deer, refining maple syrup, using herbs for medicine, and trading beaver pelts. Without him, Plymouth Colony might not have survived; and that's why, at the end of the growing season, the Pilgrims and Indians celebrated Thanksgiving.

The heavenly Father knows our needs before we ask; and at unexpected moments, He sends just the right person or provision to help us. That's why every day is Thanksgiving for Christians.

Just when I need Him, Jesus is near . . . Ready to help me, ready to cheer. - William Poole


Terry said...

Dear David...I don't think they have fallen by the way.
They are often seen in the comments and they are always there at our finger tips whenever we email a prayer request for LP.
I think that it has been a busy time indeed.
Remember when YOU were missing in action, we all missed you too and then when you did get better you said you would be commenting more but like you siad it HAS been a busy time!
I really miss Passing-thru because that guy alway kept us up on all the prayer requests..And I tried to post tht different ones to how they have been doing by posting some of their posts here.
I know that we are all still praying for them though..
Keep your chin up David..
The Pilgrim Pals is a good thing..
We won't give up!....Love Terry

Anonymous said...

I miss them all, too!!

And I dearly miss PT!

God bless you all richly!

Keep looking UP, and keep posting, Pals!!!


Vicki said...

Just so you know, I've not fallen by the wayside. Appearances can be deceiving:-)

My heart continues to pour out the prayers of the Pilgrim saints, and yet the Lord calls me elsewhere at times, to write, to keep up with my deadlines and blogs, and to minister to family and friends face to face. I also find myself exhausted at times and the Lord calls me away from the computer, to rest since I suffer from a couple chronic ailments myself. I'll never be able to live up to folks' expectations, it's true, but that doesn't mean I'm not praying or caring.

If anyone is ever concerned why I haven't posted or commented here, they need only ask.

God bless my dear Pilgrim Pals.
Sending love & hugs,