Sunday, November 4, 2007

Passing thru

Dear Passing thru (Bob), if you are reading this - you are often in my thoughts and prayers. I miss your words on Pilgrim Pals.

Lord bless you.

Julie (LM)


jel said...

I 2nd that!!!!!!!!!!

passing-thru said...

Thanks Julie -------- wishing U the very best on your mission trip , hoping that it will be for U , a fullfilling of things most needed --- try and not put stress on yourself --- go with the flow and enjoy this trip -- we are not intended to carry the world -- just enjoy and share and be content , one step at a time Julie -- lol -----
Thanks to U too Jel -- the quiet one ----
Blessings to the pals -- Awesome on Arlene

Terry said...

Love Terry

David Warren Fisher said...

Dear Bob:

Sooooooooooo good to hear from U. How we miss those U's that you interspersed in your posts on Pilgrim Pals.

We don't know the battles that U might be going through but we are standing with U because we love U.

May the God of heaven, the lover of our souls give U everything U need today as U trust Him.

Thank U so much for your love and encouragement dear brother.

U are loved by all the Pals and we miss U VERY MUCH!

Standing with U,

David and the Pals

jel said...

Quite one , I like that !

came by to say good nite family

slept sweet !

thu I don't say much, know u~all are in my thoughts and prayers!

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Hey Passing-thru, sooooo glad to hear from you - Lord bless you much!

Julie (LM)

Pilot Mom said...

Yes, Bob, we do miss those "U's" in our posts!

Vicki said...

Ah yes...we do miss you, Bob, but hope you're resting and being blessed. Love & hugs & blessings to you and your wife!