Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Chapter Closed

Within the last ten (10) years we encouraged my mother to search for her birth family. She was adopted at birth by a wonderful couple and grew up in a loving, caring environment. We dearly loved our Grandma and Grandpa Powers.

Mom was an only child in her adoptive family so after her parents passed away we encouraged her to go searching for her birth family. In a matter of a few months we discovered them and it has been a very positive experience for mom especially but for all of us. She has traveled to Saskatchewan (a Canadian province on the prairies) quite a few times since then to visit family. I've been there 3 or 4 times. Mom was born out there so it's always great to "go home".

Her sister Evelyn was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS) a number of months ago and her health quickly deteriorated. We got the news yesterday from Uncle Stan that she had passed away late Saturday afternoon. Mom and Aunt Evelyn were very close. They wrote back and forth at least twice a week. She was an incredible lady. Even though she was my aunt I lovingly called her "grandma" because she looked and acted like the "typical" loving and caring.

Aunt Evelyn's funeral will be this Saturday in the small town of Cabri, SK where she lived. Mom and I will fly out to Regina, SK later this week and drive over to Cabri. I will be involved in the funeral which will be an honour for me. I'm busily trying to arrange our flights by redeeming air miles and Aeroplan points. Please pray for mom, her family, for Uncle Stan as he makes plans for the funeral and for me as I work on getting flights.

Our Pilgrim Pals always come through in a crunch and I praise God for each of you! I'll keep you posted, dear friends!

In His care,

~ David, the Pilgrim


Terry said...

Oh this is all so sad David!...Of course everybody will be praying for you and your mom.
This is going to leave such a large space in your mom's life!
Pray we will! Give her our love and a hug!...Love Terry

Pilot Mom said...

Terry emailed me asking to post about Evelyn but I see you beat me to it, David. How sad for your Mom and family and yet, a time for rejoicing.

I am/will be praying for all the details to be worked out, and that the good Lord will bring many, many good memories to life in the next few days and months. May He comfort you and your family in the days ahead.

hebrews11:1 said...

Dearest Pilgrim,

I am sorry for you loss. We will be praying for you and your family, especially your mom.

Love and Prayers,