Sunday, February 3, 2008

Prayers for Health

Hi Pals,

Could you pray for my health? I haven't mentioned this illness before now because I thought by now it would have cleared up! I had a minor head cold at Christmas and a dry cough developed. I'm still coughing almost 5 weeks later! Somedays are better than others, but still the deep, dry cough is there to some degree. I've been to the doctor twice - the first visit two weeks into the cough, he said it was likely a persistant virus he has seen going around. The second visit he said he now believed I had developed some bronchial inflammation and asthma so he prescribed two inhalers. I've been using them a week now and the pharmacist said it could take two weeks to bring the inflammation down.

Thanks for your prayers.

Julie (LM)


Terry said...

Dear Little Missionary, Julie.
That flu is a bad one this year. Usaully takes about five weeks to get rid of it. Bernie had it about that long. I am praying that you will get better soon..
Did you have the flu shot this year?
You better make a big pot of Chicken soup!!!
Take care of yourself...Love Terry

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Hey Terry, thanks for your sweet prayers....I feel them working already! I had a good day today...not too much coughing.

To be honest I'm not sold on the flu shot, but even if I was I don't think it would have helped me in this situation.

It started with a head cold - relatively mild, (it wasn't the flu) - so that went away within a couple days and the cough developed. The coughing constantly for the last several weeks has caused the irrittation and inflammation, so far no antibiotics needed - praise the Lord.

You are a blessing Terry!


Terry said...

Aw Little Missionary...Wouldn't antibiotics help out though?
It is so tiresome having a cough, so hard on the whole body..
How is that Noah the city slicker bunny taking the whole situation?
Are you missing a lot of work?
Catch you later!!....Love Terry

Ps You are a blessing too Julie and so are all the other pals!
I love them all so much!

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Hey Terry,

I will be seeing my doc maybe she will recommend an antibiotic. I've missed 4 days're right it is so tiresome to cough but I think I might be past the worst part.

Julie (LM)

Felisol said...

Dear Little Missionary, Julie,
I am praying for you while writing. You sure have had a lot of troubles to deal with lately.
My best remedy is garlic and juice of Black Elderberries.
Kills virus as well as bacterias and strengthens the immune system.
God bless you.
From Felisol

hebrews 11:1 said...

Dear LM,

I was reading these comments, and about to suggest garlic, and there I see Mrs. Ljung beat me to it ;) Kyolic Garlic is odorless and available in tasteless capsules...I used to use it all the time. Oregano Oil is what I always use when I feel soemthing coming because it is strong and chases anything off...along with Vitamin C.

I agree with you on the flu does more harm than good. I wish people would realize that building their immune system and not weakening it with vaccines is the key to good health. Sorry, Pals, let me step off my soap box!!!

I'm praying for you. Last winter I had a cold that lasted months, because my body was weak from the awful candida infection, and I had given up, too. Then, I got on some great supplements, and I can't say enough on how pleased I am with them. Of course, prayer works more than any supplements or meds!!

Love and Prayers,