Thursday, February 7, 2008

Several Prayer Requests For Our Pilgrim Pals

Just received a message from Donna that she will be having surgery on her shoulder on Wednesday February 13th..She is having much pain and it is even painful for her to type on her computer. Please go to her blog and read about the procedure that she will be going through. She has printed out a real good post on it...

Please also remember Vicki in your prayers as she is having to decide what she will have to do concerning her thyroid. Please pray for her sister too and her niece who are still in need of a place to live..

Of course you know that the Pilgrim and his family are looking for a house also, as they have sold their house and will have to be moving.

Felisol's mom still needs our prayers and so does her favourite uncle who has come down with Alzheimer's. Pray for our dear sister on the far side of the sea and Gunnar as they care for her mom.

Our dear bother, Ron has been suffering with arthritis and so he needs the Lord's healing touch also.

Our own little missionary, Julie has been suffering with a cold and a cough. I hope that she is feeling better.

It seems that Saija and Leo are all over their colds! She was sick last week and didn't even see me as I snuck to her blog and removed this picture for the Pilgrim Pals blog!
Thanks Saija!

Pilot-mom and Pilot-dad seem to be in good health these days, judging by the excellent posts that she has been producing, and it is just as well that they are feeling good because they will have to have a lot of energy preparing for Pilot's wedding which will be on May 25th! A little over three months away!

Dad Golden and LM and Little Montreal Girl's dad are on our hearts these days too as is our precious Arlene, and Heather who is still on strong medication.
No word yet or update on Ernie Phillips but we should still be praying for him too.

I have tried to do this list as Passing-thru would have but it is a very weak effort!
I just hope that I have remembered the different prayer requests!..
Note from the Pilgrim: You have done an excellent job dear Terry! Just great! Thank you so much! Let's continue to lift up our Pilgrim Pals and their families before the God of heaven who hears and answers prayer. ~ David


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
you forgot to mention one, yourself.
We all need you so much, and I know it's a tough and lonesome job to go first and take on so much responsibility as you are doing.
So dear Lord, stand by my sister Terry, strengthen and hold her every day, that she must be given the rest and comfort she needs.
Take care of her warm heart and listen to her prayers for her father and all the others on her list of prayers.
Bless her with laughter and genuine joy, cause the joy in our Lord shall be our strength.
From Felisol

Anonymous said...

Good job, Mrs. Shirkie!


Love and Prayers FOR YOU, TOO,


Terry said...

Thanks Felisol and little Pilgrim and Little Montreal Girl.
I don't really know how Passing-thru did such a good job on the prayer updates and almost every night.
I really do miss him!.

Sometimes I just feel like giving up! Terry[Mrs. Shirkie]

Pilot Mom said...

Terry, I think it is safe to say that ALL of us miss Passing Thru!

And I echo Felisol's prayer for you!

PD and I ARE praising the Lord for feeling better. I am even going to the gym and working out 3 days a week! (You know I have to buy a wedding dress!)

I'm praying for all the rest, especially your sweet Dad!

hebrews 11:1 said...

Mrs. Shirkie,

DON'T GIVE UP!!What would we do without you and without this blog?? It's so easy for me with so little time to check just here, rather than having to go check a dozen blogs for news!


Saija said...

you did a good job terry, but then you are always a compassionate soul, remembering others - and like Felisol pointed out, forgetting yourself ...

oh, and you really did a great job on my pic - it looks really cool in the setting you put it in!

Vicki said...

Good job, Terry. I prayed as I read along, and included YOU, too, my friend. Praying also for your mother who fell.