Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Pilot Dad's stomach tube was REMOVED yesterday morning!!!!!! Yea!!!

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for him/us over the past year. I know, I have told you all "Thank You" before but we just can't stop ourselves from saying it again because you each had a part in his healing process. Each time you went before our Lord's throne and lifted Pilot Dad up you helped to bear our burden.

The feeding tube was inserted in his stomach in early to mid June and here we are 8 months later getting it out! Our praises lift up to our God who is so Good! To our God who is so merciful and gracious! We continuely lift our praises up to Him, the Creator and Sustainor of everything. May all glory and honor and praise be to Him for ever and ever and ever!!!

Pilot Mom


Terry said...

Oh good good news!!!
So glad to hear this Pilot-Mom!!
THAT is surely one friend that he is glad to be rid of,eh?
Bring on the good food...Love Terry

jel said...


Felisol said...

Dear Pilot Mom,
I'm a lover of good news.
They give new strength and new hope.
Please tell Pilot Dad how happy we are on his behalf!
Of course I'll continue to pray for the whole Pilot family.
I'm looking forwards to seeing your new elegant dress. Lots of hard work behind?
Wish someone would invite me to a wedding as well, maybe I then would get motivated for more exercise.
As for now even my Mom have stronger muscles than I do.
Soon it's time to do some spring efforts in the garden, then perhaps...
From Felisol

hebrews 11:1 said...

HURRAH! I am sooo happy for you and Pilot Dad!

Hey, my dad is doing great, too! His tumor marker is down from 123, 4 weeks ago, to 54, and he's gained 9 lbs in the last month, and his appetite is excellent. His hemoglobin is at 104, which is a HUGE answer to prayer (we need it above 100). Some days we can't give him enough food it seems...of course he gets stuffed then ;)

LOve and Prayers,
a joyful LPP

Mrs. Ljung,

Why is it we women lose weight for weddings?! I lost weght for my cousin's wedding two years ago...and then I put it back on because the wedding was all over, and life goes on ;) I wish we could go to my cousin's wedding this August...oh, and not just so I can shed some extra pounds thta no one would even miss, because I am certainly not noticeably fat.