Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Commending Comments

Each time one of our Pilgrim Pals comments on this site I get an e-mail notification. Reading your comments is such a blessing to this ol' Pilgrim. What a refreshing collection of heaven-bound pilgrims! Arrogance is never even hinted at on our site. The humility of my pals is so evident. You truly care for each other and minister to each other's needs!

When Vicki speaks of her hair color not being as dark as it once was, we smile along with her, knowing that we struggle with the same battle - aging. Hopefully we are being changed into His likeness as we mature through our struggles.

LPP always has something edifying to add to our site. Her comments encourage me.

Just when you feel like you are losing ground spiritually you get a comment or a post from our sister Felisol on the other side of the sea and your spirit is refreshed again.

Terry tirelessly labors behind the scene keeping us abreast of the needs of others. One day soon we will all rejoice when we hear the news that Dad Golden has joined the company of the redeemed. What a day that will be!

Saija, you truly are a kindred spirit with me. Can we take our books to heaven or will we sit with Elisabeth Elliot and listen to her stories?

Pilot Mom from Utah is such a breath of fresh air! Thanks for the blessing of your friendship!

As I close this brief post I risk offending some for not mentioning their names. Every one of you are loved and appreciated so much. God has brought together a fellowship of believers through Pilgrim Pals that may never get together "in the flesh" 'til we get "home" but friendships have been forged that will last for eternity.

"Father, touch each Pilgrim Pal and minister to their particular needs right now. Thank You for everything they have added to my life. I'm blessed beyond measure. Thank You for Jesus and for the life He has given each one of us. Make us a blessing to everyone we come in contact with. We praise You and give You glory through our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN"


Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrim Father David,
I miss Julie, Little Missionary in the Flock of Pilgrim Pals.
She has by her being taught me many a lesson about being oneself, being fragile and open, yet not giving up.
It's easy for the strong ones to pick a fight and take on heavy tasks. She's open about feeling weak, yet she use her money to go on missionary trips to garbage dumps in Mexico.
I find that admirable.
When I feel tired, I like to spend recreation time abroad; London, Rome, Florence, to enjoy churches, museums, galleries, concerts.
Our Julie uses what she has of time and money to help out the needy.
God bless her richly.
And you as well, dear Father David.
From Felisol

hebrews 11:1 said...

Mrs. Ljung,

I miss her, too...but you know who we haven't heard from in a LONG time? The other 2 Peterborough Pals...LauraMae and Julie-in-Peterborough. I still pray for them every day, but, like with so many other Pals, I haven't been able to go by their site in a while.

Thank you for your encouraging post! Did you get my letter yet? I had it sitting in the office for sooo long...my dog-walking is not near a mailbox, and one near my place was recently set on fire (wth all the mail in it!!) so my confidence is a little shaken with mailboxes, and the Post Office is a 15 minute walk...no excuses, but I just sent you a letter on Friday that was supposed to be mailed in January! Sorry about that :)

Peace, love, joy and God's richest blessings to all you Pals!

Love and Prayers,

David Warren Fisher said...


THANK YOU! Your letter arrived today. Perfect timing! God's timetable can never be improved upon.

Be encouraged today, dear friend! You've been such a blessing!

In His love,


Pilot Mom said...

Thank you, David. :)

Anonymous said...


You should see the HUGE smile on my face! We got great news on my dad today, and you wrote me (now that's a rarity that is cherished!), and you got my letter in God's perfect timing! Yipee... God is so faithful, and I love His goodness!


David Warren Fisher said...


Glad I made you smile. Be encouraged tonight!

Pilot Mom:

Thanks for your uplifting comment, as always. You enrich my life.


As always, your comment made my day. THANKS!

Good night to all my Pilgrim Pals.

Love in Him,


Vicki said...

This was so encouraging, David. Thank you and bless you, my Pilgrim friend. You've encouraged many hearts today.

Oh, Felisol, that is so right about Julie...she really has a heart for the needy. Thank you for your kindness in visiting me recently. {{hugs}}

LPP, I miss you stopping by my blog...now don't be a stranger:-) I'm still praying for your dad, sweetie. God bless you and your precious family.

Hello to Pilot Mom!!

And thanks to Terry who has been emailing to check on me.

It's sweet to be loved by not only our Heavenly Father, but all His children:-)

God bless you, friends. We travel together.

In His grace,