Saturday, February 2, 2008

Back Again

Whew! I'm back! I had a great time on Nathan's class trip at Fair Glen Youth Camp. That's Nathan in the green coat on the front row. We had a special treat yesterday morning when Ken Needham, an itinerant Bible teacher now living in Ireland, spoke to us. Check out his web site here.

The snow almost kept us there for an extra day but we managed to get out alright yesterday afternoon.

We were only home for a couple of hours before we had to drive Matthew to his youth retreat at Camp Kawartha. The driving was horrendous but we made it there and back, praise the Lord.

This morning I'm laying low, trying to relax a bit. Pilgrim Pal Terry was worried that I got lost so I thought I better post an update.

Have a great weekend and a profitable Lord's day tomorrow, dear pals!

In His love,

The Pilgrim

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Terry said...

Naw Pilgrim!..I wasn't really worried as long if you had of been lost, it was inside where you were warm.
I wouldn't mind being snowed in for a few days...That way I oculd get a whole lot of things done that I have been neglecting the last few months!...Love Terry