Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year Pals

Let everything that has breath,
praise the Lord.

as the heavens spill white powder onto a darkened earth and harsh winter winds howl against the window's pane, words from the morning devotional fall to the parchment; questions to ponder as another measure of time passes away;

how has God blessed you, your family, friends, church this year?
what mighty work has he accomplished?

what progress have you
made in an area in which you've struggled?
what prayers has God answered?
what new attributes or aspects of God have you discovered
or experienced in the past year ?

strains of the year echo in my me the way Lord, show me how to honor and serve my husband, my family, give me tenderness Lord to soothe the hurts and fears of others, let me be a powerful witness and encouragement to others, constantly abiding in You....let my heart be that of a servant..willing to reach beyond my comfort zone...

on my knees, I ask and ignore, ask and ignore...He answers, I ignore....why that way Lord....why not my way....Your way requires too much..... too much giving up, giving in, giving over...

over and over again the depths of my ignorance revealed until the heart is bare and nothing more can be done....nothing except to yield to Him


walk in obedience to ME in ALL that you do....

on this, the last day of this precious year...I ponder those questions above....I reflect on my greatest accomplishments, biggest disappointments, saddest hours, most joyous moments....the love of my husband and children, the men and women He has brought together to pray for one another, for their family and friends.....for the friendships He has orchestrated....may I never abuse that which He has entrusted me encourage others to seek Him, to uphold the precious word of Jesus whatever the cost....for the privilege to pray for all things in His name.....

the winds subside; the rays of light burst through ...the snow in the field behind the house...white....amd pure....twinkling......shimmering...glistening......

another snow storm passes through , another measure of time eases to year's end...a
a year of yesterdays, todays, tomorrows...time of reflection, prayer, hope, friendship, love, peace....

May your journey into the new year continue with Jesus as your constant guide....
abiding in HIM...loving one another

Praise Ye the Lord

blessings all


David Warren Fisher said...

Excellent, excellent post, Donna! Thanks so much for your partnership in Pilgrim Pals.

You are love and appreciated so very much!

David for all the Pals

Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrim Donna,
Thank you for New Year Sermon.
God bless you richly back.
From Felisol

Terry said...

Thanks Donna!
Hoping you a beautiful January 1...a beautiful day for a beautiful lady!..Love Terry

ron said...

Hi Donna,

Thanks for the good words . As I look back in 2008 I have been richly blessed and loved and recieved the mercy of the Lord as He has promised in His word ! I pray that 2009 will be half as good as 2008 ? I just hope I can learn more patience and wait on the Lord and not dissappoint Him ! I --From the bottom of my heart thank all the PALS for your Prayers and good wishes ?



David Warren Fisher said...


Thanks for your comment and thanks for your encouragement. You are loved by the Pilgrim Pals and we all look forward to what God will do in and through us in 2009.

Be encouraged today!