Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kimberly, Erin's Mom Needs Our Prayers

Just wanted to Thank everyone for your prayers and words of encouragement also to update everyone, Kimberly came home this morning and is feeling better. She has to do several follow ups with different Drs. Her test results showed some concerns that she may have possibly MS or Lupus that is effecting her in several ways. Kimberly has 2 aunts with Lupus and it more fits her signs and symptoms as well. We continue to rely on God to supply our needs and answer our cries of prayer. We know he is the ultimate healer and supplier but as we all know His ways arent always our ways!!!! We Thank you in advance for your continued prayer and support during these trying Holiday times. As if these holidays werent going to be hard enough , and we already knew I have to have neck surgery Dec 22,now we have Kimberlys issues as well. I know God says he will never put more on us than we can stand, so I guess hes just making sure of the difference he has made in our lives, to have TOTAL and ULTIMATE Faith in Christ to provide and meet our very present needs!!! God Bless Everyone and Merry Christmas.
Erin, I Love and Miss you more than words could ever say but Im soooo glad to know you are just that extra special Angel Mommy, Dadddy and I need!!!!

Brian Malone
Kingsport, TN
United States


jel said...

ya got it Brain!

send a flybyhugging!

Julie (Little Missionary) said...

Sending up prayer - calling on our Great Physician - Jesus!