Monday, December 22, 2008

Joy To The World!!

Hi Pals!

It has always made me sad to hear about things like Christmas celebrations being banned in schools and stores not being allowed to hang banners or make window decorations that say "Merry Christmas". It seems that as the years go by Christmas becomes less and less about Christ's birth. That's why I was OVERJOYED today to be sitting in the staff room eating my lunch when the sounds of "Joy to the World" could be heard coming out of the children's room down the hall. At the library we have a children's group that comes in every Monday afternoon to sing songs and play games. To hear all their little voices singing out "Joy to the world, the Lord is come" has kept a smile on my face all afternoon! Christmas plans are becoming a pain this year with everyone fighting over what to do (my grandmother even threatened to sit in her apartment all alone on Christmas! Luckily, that's been resolved), that I've kind of enjoyed being isolated from it all and just focusing on work, but it's always nice to get a boost of Christmas spirit. What are all the Pals favourite Christmas carols? My all-time favourite is O Holy gives me chills everytime I hear it!

Also, I was thinking about all the Pals and their Christmas plans, and was thinking that maybe we could put together a list of all the Pals who are travelling this Christmas, or who have family and friends travelling? That way we can all pray for each other's safe travel. I'm headed back to Ottawa for a week and I'll be leaving Tuesday around lunchtime. Anyone else on the roads or in the air?



Terry said...

Hi Lauren-Mary...So nice to hear your voice again!
My favourite Christmas Carol is "Away in a Manger"!
Bernie and I are going to Betty and John's for Christmas Eve. We have gone there for years!
We bring Mom and Dad Golden over. Dad Golden can only stay a couple of hours.
He is 82 now and tires easily/
On Christmas day we go to Rachel's[Betty's daughter]
We have a good time and a simple down to earth fun time!
You will surely have a good time in Ottawa.
Nothing better than being with family!!

It sounds like your job is really enjoyable.
Best wishes for a great Christmas...Love Terry

Julie (Little Missionary) said...

Hi Lauren-Mary, hope you have a blessed time in Ottawa. I'm heading out from Ottawa on Tuesday afternoon to visit my parents for a couple days. I'm feeling really lonely tonight...feel like this most Christmas'. Christmas is more of a reminder that I do no have my own family - it's just another day of another year of a life that I seem to have missed out on somehow....but I will get through it, like every other Christmas.
Blessings to all the Pals,

Terry said...

Little Missionary Julie!
How did your dinner date work out?
Love Terry


Hi Lauren-Mary....

I shall be praying for you in your travels and for Julie also....

There were many years that my husband and I traveled from Colorado to Tenn to spend Christmas with his mom and family.....we look back now and are so grateful for making those efforts to be with was always so special for me since my mom and dad had died...

one of our saddest Christmas' though was in 1988....when my mother in law died of cancer....yes she died on Christmas Day and there were many years after that that the reminder of her death sort of clung to and altered our celebration of Jesus' birth ....

it has been twenty years this year...and we remember and treasure the love she poured into our lives....and have many times over thanked Gof for the precious time we had with her....

We rarely travel now...(not that we are old or anything like that- eh?)but our daughters join us for Christmas eve church service and our traditional gathering after service, but we split Christmas day so they can spend time with inlaws, other family members, etc...

It is a joyous and miraculous time to show the love of Christ to all those we are in contact with.

many blessings to you Lauren Mary.


P.S. I have so many Christmas songs I love, but my favorite is Silent Night...

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hi Pals!

Great idea, Lauren-Mary, to bring up about favorite Christmas carols and talk about travels!

I don't think I have a favorite Christmas carol...I have always liked every hymn that is sung at this time of year!

After having our grandparents over for dinner, we are going out Christmas Eve to spend the evening (and maybe into the wee hours of the morning!) with a family who invite their friends over from 8pm to 2am Christmas Eve...then they invited us to their mom's place for a potluck meal with the whole clan for Christmas Day at 2pm! We are so blessed at this new church, it is amazing!!! God's faithfulness has been shown over and over again. I think it is supposed to be rainy, so pls pray that we'll have safe driving conditions!

And I'll be sure to take lots of pictures, since I'm sure that Mrs. Shirkie and Mrs. Butler (at least!) would like to see us enjoying ourselves with our friends :)

Love and Prayers,


Mine is O come o come Immanuel
Love Amrita