Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Praise Report

Thank you for praying dear Pals.
The Lord diffused the strife attack in my church.
The unpleasant couple came to us and
invited us for Christmas lunch
at their house.
We are not surprised because they
are God 's children, and when we are
listening to Him, He shows us the way.
My church
If my Dad was alive it would
have been my parent 's
50th wedding anniversary today.
I posted their photos
Love Joy and Peace to all of you at Christmas
Posted by Amrita


Amrita said...

In India most churches have Christmas services on Dec 25th. Christmas eve is preparation day.

Vicki said...

Praising God for this turn-around. You are so right,when we listen to Him, He shows us the way. ♥

How is your mother doing, Amrita? Remembering her, too, on this anniversary day...sending a hug with prayers. ♥

Merry Christmas, everyone! I might not be online the next day or so but continue to pray for all my Pals.

~ Vicki

David Warren Fisher said...

Amrita, dear friend:

I'm thrilled that the Lord resolved the problem in His own unique way.

Be assured of our ongoing prayers. As I write, it is already Christmas in India. May you sense the peace and presence of the King of kings in a wonderful way today!

Lots of love,