Monday, December 29, 2008

Two More Pals Meet

Just wanted to share...two more Pals managed to finally meet face to face! Lauren and I had a nice chat over coffee today. It was great to finally meet one of the Pals! We talked a bit about our hopes and dreams....oh and comforted each other in regards to our beloved Ottawa Senators hockey team who are struggling so much this year. We still love them! Maybe, just maybe we can catch a game together this winter, and wouldn't it be fab if we shared that game with Big Fish - David!
God bless!

Julie - Little Missionary


David Warren Fisher said...


I'm so glad that you and Mary got to spend some time together. That's what Pilgrim Pals are all about. Those Senators sure are puzzling aren't they.

Be encouraged tonight, my friend!


David Warren Fisher said...


I meant Lauren-Mary not "Mary". I'm sure you knew who I meant.

I'm getting tired. We had a terrible day here.


Julie (Little Missionary) said...

Hey David, good to hear from you! I hope that by saying you had a "terrible day" you mean weather wise and not personally - either way I pray God's blessings on you.


Felisol said...

How nice it is when friends meet.
God bless you, Julie, Lauren Mary and David.
From Felisol

Terry said...

Oh Little Missionary...I am so happy for you!
I have known Lauren-Mary for almost three years and have often longed to meet her. Oh what a joy that the Lord has given to you, eh?
Two Ottawa Pilgrim Pal girls together at last!

David is everything OK?
Let us know all right?......Love Terry

byhisgracealone said...

Happy for both of you!!!


Terry said...

Never you mind Miss Donna!
It seems to me that the Rideau Canal is now open for the business of skating. Didn't you promise that Little Missionary Julie some quality time as you and her and now maybe Lauren-Mary skate on that giant skating rink..,eh?...Love Terry

byhisgracealone said...

OH I haven't forgotten....

Terry that would be such fun..........

Laura said...

Oh I am so thrilled you two got to meet!

Lauren-Mary said...

Thanks Julie! We definitely have a catch a game together! David, they sure are puzzling, but I still cheer faithfully. You'll have to let us know next time you're in Ottawa!
Terry, I would live to meet you too! Maybe a big Pilgrim gathering on the canal?!?
What a blessing Pals is...I left from my meeting with Julie feeling so happy- it was so nice to connect with someone who knows your struggles and can relate.