Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pilgrim Father Update

Dear Pals:

Thank you for your prayers over the past few days. Things have been very difficult as we've had so many problems with our home. We had some good news yesterday though. Carol went into the hospital on Sunday evening thinking she might have a blood clot in her leg. After tests and then an ultrasound yesterday morning, they determined that she does NOT have a blood clot. We praise God for that.

Here's what's been happening:

  • We have a leaking basement wall that will need to be repaired. This will be very costly.
  • We discovered that our sump pump needs to be replaced and, due to flooding in our area, there isn't one to be found anywhere nearby.
  • Two sections of our back fence blew over two days ago when we had gale force winds. One of the uprights snapped off at the base so these two sections will have to be rebuilt.
  • We had car problems two nights ago and the car is in the repair shop. Another expense we didn't need.
  • Numerous other little frustrations that seemed to pile up all at once
Please pray for Carol, me and the boys as we work through these interruptions. It's been a struggle to stay positive during the last few days.

Thanks, pals! You are appreciated more than I can express.

Lots of love,



Terry said...

Dear David...our Donna had told me about Carol and I am just so glad that she doesn't have a blood clot. Oh that is a terrible thing. Mom Golden had them and is now on blood thinner but it is a constant worry for her.
Sorry about your house leaking...I hope that you can get that pump you need.
Is Pro Hardware all out of them too?
Cars!! They always seem to pick the "best" times to be acting up,eh?..
Will be praying David...Love Terry

byhisgracealone said...

I was relieved when I read she did not have a blood clot.....Praise the Lord...

plese know your other needs and concerns are being lifted to our Father....


Little Montreal Girl said...

Dear Mr. Fisher,
I will keep you all in prayer.

I sent off your book last week. I think you should get it soon if you don't already have it.

Lauren-Mary said...

Glad to hear that Carol doesn't have a blood clot. Thanks for the update...I will, as always, remember you in prayer!

Vicki said...

Oh my, it seems that life is filled with interruptions, doesn't it David? Praying for you and Carol fervently and thankful to hear she doesn't have a blood clot. Those are scary.

PS- my sister in CA is living in a women's shelter, still without job or home. She lost everything she had and circumstances haven't changed in over a year. We have helped when able but have run out of resources.