Saturday, November 15, 2008

Church In Danger

Our Pilgrim Pal, Susan Bunts Wachtel, attends Kindred Community Church in Southern California. Her former pastor, Chuck Obremski, was a good friend of mine. God called him home several years ago after a valiant battle with cancer.

I receive regular prayer requests by e-mail from Kindred and tonight's was a real concern to me.

Here's what is says:

No church services or ministry events (high school, prayer, etc.) will be held tomorrow morning or evening, as the Fire Department is not allowing access in the area. The hillsides around the church are charred in areas, but the church itself has sustained no damage at this time. Please keep all in prayer, especially those who have lost homes in the area.

Please pray that the fires in the area will not touch this church which stands unswervingly to the fundamentals of the Christian faith. How distressing it must be when Sunday services have to be canceled!

Pray for Susan and Chris as well. THANK YOU!

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Amrita said...

May the Lord protect this church.In India this has happened, floods and earthquakes have demolished other buildings but church remained intact.