Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thoughts for a Thursday

Precious Lord! Beyond Expressing,
Are Thy Beauties All Divine
Glory, Honor, Power and Blessing
Be Henceforth Forever Thine

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

The Whole Meaning of Prayer is
that we may know God.

Oswald Chambers

God's love is measureless.
It is more....It is boundless
It has no bounds because it is not a thing
but a facet of the essential nature of God
His love is something He is
because He is infinite, that love can
enfold the whole created world
in iteself and have
room for ten thousand times ten
thousand worlds beside

A.W. Tozer



Terry said...

Dear Donna...just beautiful!!
Love Terry

Saija said...

love the way the pics and quote went along ... really lovely ...

byhisgracealone said...

ohh I am glad you enjoyed ....
thank you


Julie (Little Missionary) said...

Donna, great quotes and pics - thanks for sharing.


Felisol said...

Dear Donna, Pilgrim,
the words and the pictures were extraordinary. Hope I may copy them for keeping and sharing with Norwegian friends.
Your Felisol

hebrews 11:1 said...

Did you take those pictures??? WOW! They are incredibly stunning!

Love and Prayers,

Vicki said...

Some GREAT quotes from the GREAT saints who've gone before us. Thanks, Donna! Beautiful photos.