Friday, November 7, 2008

God bless you Billy Graham

Today Billy Graham turned 90 years.. I want to join millions of people from all the world to greet him on this day.

When I was 12 years old his associate evangelist Dr Akbar Haqq held tent meetings in my town.My family attended each night.

Although we were conservative, traditional Christians and church goers we did not understand the significance of making a personal decision for Christ.

On that last Sunday afternoon, when the preacher talked about the death of Christ on the cross I was deeply convicted. I understood why I must make a personal commitment to Christ and declare it publicly.I was a very shy and scared 12 year old but when the call came I walked forward for prayer.

A missionary lady counselled me and I still have some booklets she gave me that day.Later on my whole family was born again.

I listened to the Hour of Decision Broadcasts faithfully and wrote to them each month.I also got books which Cliff Barrows announced and their magazine too.

Mr Graham you have influenced my life immensely and I want to say God bless you.

Posted by AMRITA


Terry said...

Oh Amrita...This is so great!.
You were saved at such a tender age and because of the dedication of a man named Billy Graham who has given his life to preach the gospel.
You know Amrita, Dad Golden says that Billy Graham is the only TV preacher that he trusts[Of course he doesn't know the "Charles Stanley's and the David Jeremiah's out there] In 1966 Dad Golden, when we lived in Manitoba went to a Leighton Ford crusade with my brother, Teddy and he says that he could see the Lord in that man, Leighton Ford. "He has such a shiny face!" I believe Mr. Ford is Mr. Graham's brother-in-law.
Quite often whenever Billy Graham is on TV, Dad Golden tapes it for Mom Golden, so she can watch it on her VCR.
Ninety years old today Just incredible!
One time when someone reported that Billy Graham had retired, Mr. Graham said, "Don't you ever believe it. Billy Graham will NEVER retire!'
And so I join you sweet Amrita, "God bless you Billy Graham!".....Love Terry

PS You know what Amrita. One famous man who got saved at a Billy Graham crusade and who had gone there only to cause a whole bunch of trouble and "punch the stuffin''" out of that Billy Graham" was Stu Hamblen. The Lord had other ideas and convicted Mr. Hamblen. When he got saved, it hit the front page in the newspapers ,"Stu Hamblen Walks the Saw Dust Trail"!
Stu went on to write that great song. "It is No Secret What God Can Do".. and "How Big Is God"
Oh the stories people will tell each other in heaven, how they were saved through the preaching of Billy Graham!

What a GREAT post!

Pilot Mom said...

I am forever grateful, too, because my roommate in college was saved at a Billy Graham crusade in 1974. In 1975 she shared with me and I became the first of many whom she has led to the Lord. :)

They did a write up on her in Decision Magazine a number of years back called something like "Where are they now?" Or something to that effect. My sister saw her pic and write up and called me and through that I was able to reconnect with her thru her publisher.

What an Awesome God we serve!!!

donna said...

He has been an inspiration to me throughout my lifetime....

thanks for posting



Oh yes dear Pals,

Its such a great testimony pf one man 's faithfulness towards God and his zeal to spread the gospel.

Thank you Terry for sharing that story. I 'll remember it.
We alsohave some video tapes of Dr Graham 's messages given to our church.

We could watch classic crusade videos on God TV butnow they 've stopped them.


That was me Amrita commenting I forgot to include my name

Vicki said...

Thank you, Amrita, for posting this! We love Billy Graham and all he's done to preach the Gospel. I used to watch him on TV when I was just a kid.