Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Mrs. Butler!

Since I am sooo late on acknowledging your special day on Pals, I am putting up a post....

May the Lord bless you and draw you closer to Him!

A Happy Birthday to you

A Happy Birthday to you

May you feel Jesus near

Every day of the year

A Happy Birthday to you

A Happy Birthday to you

and the BEST year you've ever had!

(and know you can tell the Pals that YOU know the tune and how it sounds when the 6 of us sing it...LOL!)

Love and Prayers,



Terry said...

Happy Birthday MRS. Butler!!

Happy Birthday to you
Only one will not do
Born again means Salvation
How many have you?

We Know that YOU have two Donna!...Love Terry

byhisgracealone said...

thank you LPP...

the singing was BEAUTIFUL; and talking with all of you blessed my day....

mrs. butler

Vicki said...

Well, I missed my chance to post here for Donna's b'day 'cause I was sick with the crud...lol...but I did catch her on Facebook.

Donna, I love you. We ALL love you!

Rebecca said...

Does anyone here know where that song comes from? We've sung it in our family since I was a child but don't know where we got it. And no one I've met has ever heard it before.