Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Gathering of Believers

I attended a Christian Conference from Oct 26th -29th
It was a wonderful time of fellowship and learning.
I passed the All Saint 's Cathedral on the way
to the Bishop Johnson School where the conference was being held.
Both are Anglican
The old building of the school

Teaching from the Word of God
A time of prayer

Praising the Lord with action songs

The son of a Christian worker

Conference kids

There were 80 registrations and many visitors.
I am sitting at the lower right hand side corner
For more pictures and to read about an unusual
Hindu festival observed in the country of Nepal
you can check out my blog YESUGARDEN
Posted by Amrita


Terry said...

Dear Amrita.
I was wondering where you were!
I was hoping that everything was all right.
I haven't really been to a conference in a long time. I used to take Mom Golden and a sister and brother to them. We would be gone about three days and they were so helpful and encouraging. The preachers used to tell us that we should saturate ourselves with the word of God and during those times we were.
I would leave those conferences and would be determined in mind and heart and raring to go with my Christian life, but soon the cares of the world would come and take so much of it away!
I hope that you stay refreshed Amrita and be a blessing to others!...Love Terry

Amrita said...

Hi Terry ,

I' ve been around. My aunt passed away on Thursday so i was busy with the family after that.

She was a Christian , so mow she is eternally in the company of the saints.

I know conferences just perk me up too butI have keep going in the same direction consistently.