Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Donna's Day

Dearest Donna:

All the Pals join together in praying that this would be a very special and significant day for you! We love you and we praise God for this fellowship of plodding pilgrims progressing towards "home". May you sense the abiding presence of our God today as you walk with in communion with Him.


Be encouraged! You are loved by the Father and by your Pilgrim Pals!

~ David and my friends
P. S. Be sure to visit Donna's By His Grace Alone blog often!


Amrita said...

Happy Birthday from Pal Amrita

donna said...

Thank you David....

and Amrita

Terry said...

Oh Thank you David for making Donna that cake!
You have shown a marked improvement in the art of baking!...Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Donna,
all good things are three, so for the third time; many happy returns for your birthday.
From Felisol

Little Montreal Girl said...


And enjoy your special dinner!


Pilot Mom said...

I'm always late, it seems, but still my wishes are sincere! :)

I hope your day was fabulous and this next year one of great growth in your relationship with our Creator!!! Happy Birthday, Donna!